Paytm | Selfie


Pushpendra Nath Misra


McCann, Delhi

Executive Producer

Divyaa N Iyer

Director of Photography

Anil Mehta

Chief AD

Rahil Ahmed Patel

Line Producer

Mahesh Roy

Art Director

Niyoti Upadhye

Costume Stylist

Nikki, Lajja

Hair and Makeup

Vidya Singh

Casting Director

Neha Bhattar


Vijay Kumar Giri

Offline Editor

Yaser Abbas

Online Editor

Vivian Ernest Britto


Naveen Shetty

Post Production House

Prime Focus

Music Director

Jasleen Royal

The success of our previous ad film gave way to another collaboration in 2016 between Flying Saucer and McCann, the agency, for Paytm’s advertising. The details of the Paytm 2015’s ad film and the behind the scene story of the campaign’s conception and visualisation process can be found here.

The concept from previous Paytm’s ad films of human centric stories was carried forward. With the knowledge of the concept and format, McCann wrote fleshed out scripts about financial transactions carried out with a human touch and warmth. Despite being product centred the film features the warmth of the interactions and adds a humane touch to the financial transactions. 

Anil Mehta shot the ad film and with his excellent sense of lighting. He lit it beautifully to create the sense of warmth that the film radiated.  Jasleen Royal once again created the jingle for the ad film that everybody today is a fan of. The song has a caring and comforting personality and a delicate melodious tune that is addictive.

The ad film was designed around a simple message which was relatable. It went on to become a part of the popular culture and has remained with the audience members ever since. 

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